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About Concept Advanced Technologies

Concept Advanced Technologies offers companies end-to-end product development and manufacturing support – including product design, development, PCB assembly, engineering, manufacturing and logistics support − and with the option of selecting support for only one or more specific stages in the process.


By leveraging vast product development and manufacturing experience in multiple fields including telecommunications, cleantec, medical and defense, and forming strategic partnerships for specific areas in the product development lifecycle, the Concept team uses a systemic approach to close the gaps between product requirements and operational capabilities, and to seamlessly integrate between development, operational and other aspects in the product lifecycle.


At Concept, we understand and recognize the unique needs of every company from the word go, believe in minimum technocracy and maximum smart and efficient work, and place a large amount of importance on understanding the product from a technical, functional and marketing aspect. In this manner, we are able to design, assemble and deliver high-quality products quickly and with lower costs.

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